Monday, January 12, 2004

Hate over the email transom 

came a call to the entire campus for participants in Peace In The Precincts, which promises to use "the Wellstone model for grassroots organizing" to take resolutions to the caucuses. I'll bet they don't come to the Republican caucus. It looks innocent enough until you get to the inside. First there's this:
But the truth is: we're all in this together! No one - except the really rich or really powerful - is exempt from the impacts of war, terrorism and the economic, political and social damage they cause. No one - except the sociopathic - wants war, terrorism, nuclear catastrophe, or injustice. We disagree only on how to accomplish our goals.
But you have to go even further to find that the hatred is deeper than this. (italics by me -- bold in original)
.Why do we want to focus on foreign policy? Because it�s through foreign policy that America:
  • Spends the most money (yours) -- as a libertarian, you have my interest now. Of course, spending money has never been a problem for you, Miss Peace in the Precincts. You'd just rather spend it elsewhere.
  • Kills the most people -- Really? Bush/Clinton/Bush vs. Saddam, whaddya say? We got more? Really?
  • Displaces the most communities -- the Kurds, the Cossacks and the Cambodians say hi.
  • Arms and sponsors some of the world's most violent and oppressive regimes -- Right. We should leave the arming to the French.
  • Funds the development and mass production of the world�s most lethal weapons -- tell you what, Miss Peace, would you like us to have less lethal weapons than Castro? Than the Jong-Ilminator? If I'm going to war, this sociopath would like to have a big fargin' gun, thanks.
  • Antagonizes and creates more enemies -- how do you propose we stop this? By lowering our weapons? By lowering our standard of living? If a group is going to be envious of my success, am I to choose to be less successful?
  • Tests our real democratic ideals and national character to the maximum degree.You know what is a test, Miss Peace? Look at Kabul today. Did we turn it to glass? Hmm? Would the French have been any more critical of us today if we had? The Russians? Hmm?
I'm sorry but when I read this I only conclude one thing: It's someone who is worried that others hate us because of our success, and that it's our fault for being too successful. Note the beginning of the list: It's America that is doing this. It's us. Not Bush, not Republicans, but America.