Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Who refers to us? 

I got curious about our referrer list, so I ran through with a calculator to see who is sending traffic to us. About one in three page hits come from people who have bookmarked or typed in this site (thanks!), and a bunch more, I'm sure, are people hitting multiple pages on a visit. Most people click one self-referring link back to our site while they visit. But of those that click to us from other sites, here's who shows up:

Instapundit 1,316
Hugh Hewitt 985

Prof. Reynolds has never Instalanched me -- not complaining, mind you, just noting, sniff -- so that's just the increase in traffic that comes from being in his blogroll. Hugh has been very generous referring to us, and any day he does adds usually 30-50 more unique visitors. DenBeste has added 260 already, and he just linked to us last month.

Joanne Jacobs 670
Critical Mass 640

Makes sense; we're trying to be a higher education blog, and the two Supreme Blogresses of the educational blogosphere are referrers. Joanne's linkage has helped us almost as much as Hugh's. Means we're hitting the right notes at least some of the time. Within that sphere also comes Highered Intelligence 334 (who is also a generous linker), Invisible Adjunct 163 and Crooked Timber 169 (the latter two are generous insofar as they probably disagree with us 80% of the time.)

Fraters Libertas 530
Shot in the Dark 493
PowerLine 318

Our friends in the Northern Alliance. Who's missing from that list? You know who you are. Well, if you had a kid this cute, you'd be distracted too.

Cold Spring Shops 223
AtlanticBlog 213

Worth noting because they are both economists, one of whom I met once and the other not at all but feel like I know him more than most in our profession for some reason. I think it has to do with how well they write (particularly for economists.) Sjostrom gets a nod for being one of the first blogs to find and link to us.

Last, I found Pharyngula, a blog that has linked to us over 100 times without me ever mentioning it I think. Just a blogroll add some time ago. I'll have to read there more often.

All of this by way of thanking our many virtual friends for helping us carve out a niche and be an adorable little rodent.