Friday, December 05, 2003

That phrase is not yours 

Courtesy of Classical Values, a story at Tom's Nap Room on how Coming Out Days are owned by the homosexual community. When conservative students at Penn State decided to run a Conservative Coming Out Day event, members of a GLBT/LSMFT group felt slighted.
Sponsored by the Penn State College Republicans, the event was intended to show how marginalized political conservatives feel on campus. One student told the rally how an English teacher introduced herself on the first day of class by saying, "I hate Republicans."

Gay rights groups on campus expressed concern about the language on fliers advertising the event, saying the conservatives� pledge to "come out of the closet" mocked their own struggles for freedom and justice.
From the student newspaper article :
John Litz (sophomore-liberal arts), a member of Allies, said the group was told to show up at the rally as individuals and not to protest.

"I just wanted to see what they have to say," he said. "I support their right to free speech, but at the same time, I don't think they should be putting down other groups to get their views across."
It's hard to find any hostile statements made by the conservatives -- the only jeer quoted was when a gust of wind blew over a balloon archway, to which someone in the audience said, "Take it as a sign, my friend," -- but the fact that some people don't like being called "homophobes" just for being Republican, I guess, is "putting down other groups." Either that or someone needs to show my the trademark registry for "Coming Out Day".