Thursday, December 04, 2003

Normally I might agree 

A faculty member advertised another film; this time it was a showing of The Emperor of Hemp, put on by our local chapter of NORML. She encouraged faculty to "announce to your classes and consider giving credit where appropriate." Is that a good idea? One faculty member was outraged by the invitation. Another suggested that it was just an invitation and "If enough people are in that "silent minority", I'm sure you could lobby to have this group removed from the list of recognized university organizations."

This doesn't bother me too much, I suppose, because first of all I am opposed to the drug war. And while I suppose most NORML members might be opposed to white Christian males, as the respondent suggested, I doubt that's altogether true. I think NORML may contain more than a few South Park Republicans.

No what bothered me was the willingness of the third person to suggest that enough silent majority persons in the university could be enough to remove the official designation of a student group. As Mike Adams or the Alabama Scholars Association can attest, that's a dangerous place to go.