Monday, December 29, 2003

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Juan Non-Volokh thinks those of us who were down on Donovan McNabb should eat crow. Feh. Here are two sets of passing numbers for 2003:

Name Yds Att Comp TD INT Rating

Player A 3219 449 266 19 16 80.6

Player B 3216 478 275 16 11 79.6

One of those is McNabb. The other is Jake Delhomme. Did Jake Delhomme lead his team to victory, or was it the Carolina defense? Did Donovan McNabb lead his team to victory, or was it the Eagle defense? He generates 5.8 adjusted yards (adjusted for interceptions) per pass attempt, while Delhomme generated 5.74. The only difference between them is that McNabb runs, but even there he's down to 5 ypc.

McNabb had his worst statistics in three years; he fumbled the ball 9 times and only lost it three times, a bit of luck that may not stand up in the playoffs. McNabb certainly improved from his September awfulness, but I'll stand by what I said before: People love scrambling quarterbacks, perhaps too much so. Fran Tarkenton says hi.