Thursday, December 11, 2003

I'll handle this one 

David Bernstein wonders if The Volokh Conspiracy is libertarian or not, after Gene Healy says that Liberty and Power (where he is guest-blogging and where I am a regular member -- here's my latest) is "the Volokh Conspiracy, only libertarian". I wonder too. Certainly some of them, particularly Randy Barnett and Bernstein himself -- would be libertarians in most senses of the word. I think I am too. But to many libertarians, any embrace of government, including support for the War on Terror, is grounds for exclusion from the club. I'd be curious of what they'd say of Brink Lindsey, for instance: libertarian or no? Frankly, the question bores me; I never gave anyone permission to decide what my label is, and I have no intention of doing so. When serious people are discussing what label to put on Ayn Rand, it's time to move on.