Thursday, December 18, 2003

I vote for Tricky Dick 

Mike Adams, the delightful professor at North Carolina-Wilmington, has reprinted another letter by English professor Dick Veit who doesn't like College Republicans. Here's the letter the other professor wrote:
Editor: Let's hear it for UNCW's Young Republicans [sic], fighting for the right to keep out black people and Jews.

Why should their members be forced to associate with Catholics [sic � the CRs' president is Catholic] or Arab Americans if they don't care to? And how much fun can it be to make fun of gays in a room where gay Republicans are present?

If our campus Republicans are uncomfortable being around blind people or students in wheelchairs, what gives UNCW the right to withhold money from student fees?

Fight on, Young Republicans [sic], to return us to the days when segregation was a proud tradition. How dare UNCW discriminate against a club that discriminates.
Adams notes the difference between Young Republicans and College Republicans. Adams wonders if Veit is simply ditsy in confusing political affiliation with fill-in-the-blank-ism, or being tricky in trying to discredit the CRs. I've seen this before here (witness the divine Miss M), but I've normally just went for ditsy. This time, I think I'll go for the more malevolent explanation.