Monday, December 29, 2003

How much would you pay to own the Declaration of Independence? 

The Elder reminds us that Norman Lear would pay $8.1 million for a document that Steve Kelley says isn't a founding document.

You might also wish to listen to Kelley discuss the new social science standards with Education Commissioner Cheri Yecke here in November, and here last week. (both in Real Audio) In the latter discussion (go about 30 minutes into the show), Kelley refers to the question on the Declaration as becoming an "urban myth", and then repeats that it's not a legal document. He talks about the signficance of the Continental Congress having slaveholders present. He's also fuzzy on the Articles of Confederation; they do not spawn state constitutions, because the states/colonies had to be pre-existing for the Articles to make sense (as does the Constitution, for that matter.)