Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Diversity war of words heats up at Texas A&M 

The story on the Texas A&M battle over the affirmative action bake sale has gotten more combative, reports the Houston Chronicle. Commenting on the A&M athletic director's claim that football recruiting has been harmed by the bake sale, the head of the campus Young Conservatives of Texas responds,
Byrne (the AD) is implying that the best football players are minorities. What is the difference between that and what Jimmy the Greek or Al Campanis said?
There is note in the article of an exchange between a Hispanic-American grad student at the bake sale and one of the YCT members.
A female student who is a member of YCT said the Hispanic student started the flap by proclaiming "Texas used to be part of Mexico," and someone replied, "then to go to Mexico if you like it there so much."
If true -- the reporter seems to be relying on overheard conversation, rather than getting a direct quote -- that kind of reply is really not helpful to the cause YCT is advocating, and I have to say in this case that the president has a point. YCT leaders claims the remark was not made and that "there was media coverage all day" so that the reporting of this is questionable.

The president of A&M says the students "are being a little overly sensitive." Gee, where have I heard that before?