Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Some people just need attention 

Hugh Hewitt, lord high commissioner of the Northern Alliance, seems to think we're not on the ball up here, suggesting that we are "quietly preparing for winter in whatever far-away town in which they toil." We toil here, sir. The weather has been simply grand the last two days, which is why some of us are enjoying our last chance before lockdown. Cracking open a box of Don Tomas robustos with candela wrappers and two fingers of Isle of Jura will even permit us to smile upon the Pompous One. He may have one of each if he comes to us while snow graces our fair lands.

Meanwhile, R.B. at Infinite Monkeys writes that he too has the administrative, mid-semester avalanche, then he gets his school mentioned by the P.O. Will it slow the HUAC? Not bloody likely.