Thursday, November 20, 2003


The University Chronicle has retracted the story about Dean Lewis as we posted here a few weeks back.
The Chronicle hereby unconditionally retracts the suggestion contained in the article that Dr. Lewis is anti-Semitic. It also unconditionally retracts the statement attributed to a source for the article that she heard Dr. Lewis use racial slurs and make derogatory comments. There is no factual basis for these assertions.

The newspaper regrets the errors and apologizes to Dr. Lewis.
As Marie and I noted earlier this week, a retraction will mitigate any damages that arise from a suit against the Chronicle by Lewis. But more importantly, they have taken a courageous step of making sure they had the story right and admitting a mistake when they did not.

The retraction seems limited to the discussion of anti-Semitism; I have written the paper's advisor to ask whether the paper stands by the other claims regarding the withholding of the grade. The article is currently still online; I hope the Chronicle will take it down shortly, or leave it with a notice of the retraction at the top. That would seem only right.