Friday, November 07, 2003

Intolerance of viewpoints 

Within the discussion of the case of John Bonnell came a letter to Critical Mass that exposes the intolerance of the left.
Also, I noticed that one of your letter-writers made the remark that what our schools are actually producing is a legion of intolerant, half-educated ideologues. A great example is what happened to me yesterday.

I have a couple of bumper-stickers on my car. One reads "Have You Made a Hippie Cry Today?" and the other has a picture of the Earth with the words "Visualize Me Ignoring You." Provocative, perhaps, but nothing exceptional.

Well, one of the university's enlightened footsoldiers left a note on my car yester day, asking me to "Visualize" him breaking my jaw, and further advising me that I was "asking for it" with my "blatent [sic] public display of hate." I hardly knew how to react. Obviously, the irony isn't worth lingering on, since this was not a rational response to an objectionable bumper sticker. I found it endlessly fascinating, though, and I've hung it on my office wall.
I've noticed that many of the "rainbow Isuzus" that I see have some message telling cellphone users to "shut up and drive". That seems a little more hateful than this letter-writer's choice of stickers. Or these.