Thursday, November 06, 2003

Getting through to the University Chronicle 

Well at least one letter has gotten in to the Letters to the Editor at the campus paper. The fisrt one calls attention to the USA Today article on campus speech codes I blogged on Monday. The student insists that the greatest bigotry on campus is not the kind you hear in class.
I can tell you for a fact the single biggest form of discrimination on this campus is not bigotry, is not racism and is not sexism. The biggest form of persecution and discrimination comes straight from the SCSU faculty, and it is their outright hatred of conservatives.

I came to college seeking a higher level of education and thinking, yet instead I find myself fighting for my right to think at all.
Says another staff columnist, reminding me again about Fred Reed,
Let's be frank. People do not come to this school, or any other college, to learn. Learning is viewed as a secondary benefit of the primary goal. If learning was the primary goal, people would just sit in a library and read all day. It would certainly be cheaper. Everyone here is after their precious piece of paper, and nothing more. They want to come away from college being able to get that "good job" we were told so much about in high school, and they don't want to learn a thing in the process.

Maybe I'm dreaming, but it would be nice to learn something along the way.
You can, son, if you try. But as we noted before, it's sad to think it's a by-product of credentialism.