Monday, November 24, 2003

A fraction of a retraction 

The University Chronicle has retracted the anti-Semitism claims made against Dean Lewis in its article, but the paper apparently stands by the claims regarding the withholding of the student�s grade. In its original story the Chronicle quoted the student:
�When my independent study was done and I was waiting for my grade, Lewis informed me that I would be getting an incomplete when I had gotten an 'A'," Hoy said. "He told me if I wanted my grade I would have to take the class over with him�.�

Please help me figure this out. The student received an �A� from whom? Apparently from Professor Stryker. But Stryker had already stopped showing up for her classes by early April. In mid-April, all her classes were officially reassigned to other faculty members in the History Department who became the instructors of record. Dean Lewis, who was also a professor in the History Department, picked up Stryker�s independent study.

In order to believe the student�s story, one must conclude that Stryker, having quit teaching all her other classes, somehow was authorized (certainly not by the Dean) to continue teaching this independent study and submit a grade. Highly unlikely.

Did the Chronicle interview anyone in the History Department to find out the facts regarding the student�s claims? Did the Chronicle make any effort to verify the truthfulness of the story? If not, may I suggest that the Chronicle conduct such investigations, albeit belatedly, for the benefit of its readers?