Thursday, October 09, 2003

Wherefore art thou Polonius? 

Dave got back late from class and sent me an email to blog. Since I've been writing a review all day today (and watching my Sox win tonight!), let this serve as an overnight tidbit.
I was teaching a course in Financial Institutions to 34 seniors. Since we were to discuss commercial banking practices, I opened the evening by asking, "Who can tell me who said, 'Neither a borrower, nor a lender be'?"

Not one single soul knew the answer. Totally taken aback, I said, "What do you learn in your Gen Ed courses? Oh, that's right, you're busy taking MGM [now Diversity --kb] courses that claim to study Oppressed Nude Hang-Gliders." (At least most of the class roared with laughter, but it was somewhat subdued among those who realized how much they had missed.)

So fire me for speaking my mind in class! We need more Shakespeareans!
At least we've got Jack.