Monday, October 13, 2003

Standards at SCSU Chronicle are slipping 

A student who doesn't like pro-life signs seems to have a problem with the First Amendment.
I can only assume that those signs were placed there in order to proudly display that homeowner's beliefs and ideals. Well, thanks, I know I feel better after knowing how or whom you voted for. People place all kinds of crap in their front yards: there's fake deer, fake old ladies' bottoms bending over, plastic flamingos (which, I'm sorry, should just be burned.) Anyway, most of these items tend to lack any sort of really aesthetic or artistic merit. Either way, why do we put this crap in our front yard? My grandma does it, as well as countless millions. Is there some part of us that just yearns for cheap yard ornamentation?
This from a newspaper that has been harassed by its own student government. This is what scares me about the right of re-constitution. Inventing the First Amendment anew each generation is probably beyond people like this.