Thursday, October 09, 2003

Silly, bored games 

James at Infinite Monkeys (western outpost of the NA) has decided that outrage of black leaders over Ghettopoly is badly overdone. So he wants to recall them, visions of school vouchers dancing in his head. He argues, moreover, that Ghettopoly is going to be a hit with young blacks.
In my neighborhood in Brooklyn, everybody acts as if they're in a rap video. It's beyond caricature, man. It's satire. It's so satire, it's beyond satire, and into something deep and meaningful: and that is, the truth. ... I mean have you seen the Youngbloodz music video on MTV, Black Leaders?

Black people have turned making stereotypical images of themselves into a multi-million dollar industry.

And you're complaining about a board game.

I think I've come up with a new diversity admissions essay. "I was listening to Youngbloodz with my friend James when ..."