Friday, October 17, 2003

Research and the Red Sox 

I'm sorry that I haven't written more today, but I am working on some research, getting some stories for the blog, and of course bemoaning the Red Sox. Burying myself in work is a common relief from pain, and today is a day of dulled pain.

I'm mostly disappointed with analyses that argue the statistics show Grady should have pulled Pedro before pitching to Matsui. To say he was too much a player's coach in Game 7 is to argue that at no other point in the season did Grady's extreme patience with his players win a game, including the three with Oakland or leaving Nomar in the three hole in Game 6. The second word in 'second guess' is 'guess'. You really want me to believe that had Embree given up the rope to Matsui that we would not be screaming that Little pulled his best pitcher from Game 7? And after that, Pedro committed the unpardonable sin of...a flare from Posada into short center that lands between three guys.

Posters on this board call him Gump. People hear the southern accent and automatically subtract 15 IQ points. Many years ago it was called "Stengelese". Seems that guy did pretty well.

One of these years we are going to win. As a fan, I know it. And this team was one of my favorites. If you watched this game against the Phillies, you'd love them too. While it hurts to lose, when you lose the last game on an extra-inning homer you can't feel like you blew it. Balls sometimes find holes and knucklers sometimes hang. We will prevail one day. At least we're not Oakland, 0-9 in games where we could clinch a series.

Meanwhile, Saint Paul and JBcontinue their defamation. This despite my embrace of the Twins. I'm from NH, guys, not Boston. We love the Sox, and we also know Boston is full of crap. Don't lump us together. Send me more Scotch tips to comfort my weekend, friends, or you are dead to me.