Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Red town, blue gown 

Do you ever wonder how many academic watch Fox? (I don't; I take four newspapers and don't bother with TV news.) In a letter to the editor following a dispute between a columnist and an official of the network, John Rosenberg highlights the misperception that universities are all Democratic. The letter states,
In "News for Nincompoops?" John Moody of Fox News ridicules the idea that people who voted for George Bush "come from backward parts of the country," while Al Gore supporters were "urbane, witty sophisticates" [Free for All, Oct. 18]. But a map of the United States showing how congressional districts voted in 2002 clearly indicates that districts that are home to a university almost universally voted Democratic.
But, Rosenberg shows, the districts around Penn State, U. Iowa, Ohio State and U.Va. are all heavily Republican. And Minnesota 6, home of SCSU. Talking to people around town you get the feeling that St. Clouders are from Venus, professors are from Mars.