Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Ready? Draw! 

David Beito from the Alabama Scholars Association and the Liberty and Power blog sent out a note on an entry they had about an artist whose exhibit in a university theater was moved for fear of offending the patrons. The artist's work included some nekkid men, as Mom used to say. 'Offensive!' said the university president at the university, who is trying to move it to less visible quarters. Prof. Beito is properly defending the speech rights and academic freedom of the art professor. They also note that the theater is currently showing a production of Arsenic and Old Lace, "a play about serial homicide and poisoning."

Unqualified Offerings and I agree -- it isn't our taste, but that's irrelevant. Jim compares this in a subsequent post to the story about a boy who got bounced out of school for drawing stick figures of a Marine shooting a Taliban fighter. The 14-year-old has a father and a stepfather both in the military and in the Persian Gulf area. Like him, I did draw pictures of jets fighting and bombers bombing WW2 and, because that happens to be my age, the Seven-Day War with Israeli and Arab planes. This was not just at school, but at a Methodist summer camp. Nobody called my mom.