Thursday, October 16, 2003

A new Minn. higher education blog 

Welcome to the blogosphere Douglas Bass of St. Thomas, who authors the blog Belief Seeking Understanding. He will focus on the "Bible, technology and higher education." His post on adult learners contains some interesting items on the increase in lifelong learning, coming predominantly from females;
In 1996, women students of all ages comprised 56% of all college students-in large part due to the high distribution of adult women leaders (46% of all women enrolled in college were 25 or older). While the portion of adult female students is expected to decline to 41% of all women enrolled in college through 2008, female students are project to comprise 57% of the total enrollment so that numbers are expected to increase in all age brackets for women. This trend suggests that many classrooms for traditional students are also likely to become female dominant in the future, based on gender distribution.
EDITED: Misspelled Douglas' name. Sorry!