Friday, October 03, 2003

HURL Follies finale 

I'm afraid to put these in the Greatest Hits column just yet, but the coverage from other blogs like Shot in the Dark have been marvelous (thanks, Mitch!) But I suspect they will. Given all we've seen so far (parts I, II, III and IV) you almost could have predicted this one, n'est-ce pas?
HURL 420/520 Human and Animal Relations/Rights. Critical examination of human perceptions, values, and treatment of animals and the consequences for humans, animals, and the environment in a global context. Prereq.: 201 or 497. 3 cr.
Here we have the Human Relations course prototype. This strikes me as conceit, which comes across in the course objectives as well.
To expose and study unexamined values and biases toward human animals and non-human animals.
To investigate the interconnections between human perceptions and treatement of animals, and consequences for humans, animals, and the environment.
To investigate claims and challenges about the use of animals for human projects.
To study emerging information and advocacy toward new relationships between human and non-human animals.
"Unexamined", except by the proposer of this course. "The environment" in a course on animal rights by a human relations instructor. "Advocacy" as an objective of a university course in a public school. These are hallmarks of courses in that program: Your tax dollars at work.

Some outline items, well, res ipse loquitur.

5% Understand the concepts of speciesism, animal rights, and the issues of oppression and justice relating to animals.
10% Deconstruct the hidden values in language which serve to obscure and justify species domination.
Like "bad doggy".