Saturday, October 25, 2003

Happy bloggiversary, Photon Courier! 

There are two excellent comments to the previous entry from David Foster, the blogger who runs Photon Courier, and who celebrated his bloggiversary yesterday. Drop him a hello, and follow his link to this photolog of a "peace rally" in D.C. today. Galling. He also asks why professors are not calling out the hatemongers who commented on the review of Ted Honderich in the Chronicle of Higher Ed wondering if suicide bombing can be defensible.

To answer his question, this lack of backbone from the sensible 2/3 of academia is something Jack and I have batted about this blog before. I think Jack's argument about the decadence of modern liberalism fits. It takes time for the new Spirit to form, and longer for it to imbue in academia to where the decadent can be shown for what they are.