Friday, September 26, 2003

"Kumbaya, my Lord..." 

... was sung at a high school diversity camp, says The Conservative Crust who wonders, "What about sensitivity to atheists?" Cost of the camp is $165 a head (no word on cookie discounts) making it likely that this camp isn't for rural or working-class kids.
It's ``ludicrous'' and ``absurd'' to devote class time and public school funds to diversity camps when students are still struggling with literacy, said Matt Cox, an education policy fellow with the San Francisco-based Pacific Research Institute.

Richard Valenzuela, a Camp Anytown sensitivity trainer, disagreed.

``We're getting so caught up with academics and testing that we're losing some kids'' to other societal ills, Valenzuela said.
Yes, what we have here is too much academics going on! We're losing kids, Jim. LOSING THEM!