Monday, September 29, 2003

Human Relations follies -- Part I 

I've decided to run a series of these. This is the Department of the 3.7 GPA's new course proposals going through the university curriculum process. This is not satire -- I'm not that funny. I'll run one each day this week. At some later time I'll let you know if they passed and became actual courses. Odds of our process turning them down about as good as the odds of Terrell Owens appearing in Anger Management 2.

HURL 411/511 Heterosexism. Study of institutionalized heterosexism and homophobia and the impact on LGBTQ people. Prereq. 201 or 497. 3 credits. Demand.
(Note to uninitiated -- HURL 201 is a general education course titled "Non-Oppressive Relationships" which offers "Development of practical skills for eliminating racism, sexism and other oppressive elements from personal, professional and public life." HURL 497 is the same thing for education majors. See their bulletin descriptions. The 4xx/5xx designation means the course can be used as an upper-level undergraduate course or as graduate course.)

The course outline includes 10% on "Coalition building, transgender activism and institutional social change." Others in the outline include "current institutional issues, challenges and changes..." and "cultural stagnation, shifts and mainstream influences." One of the objectives is "to engage in rigorous self-reflection related to students' own socially constructed identities and their relationship to this form of oppression." I'm not sure if the Q is for "questioning" or "queer".

Question to commenters wishing to support this course: How does one differentiate an 'A' from a 'C'?