Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Going Switzerland without an axis 

We've got no dog in the fight over the Great Blog War. Commissioner Hugh has declared that he will coordinate the Northern Alliance's alignment. We prefer cigars the size of your forearm to those little Panters (is this what Lileks really smokes? They seem so ... so ... European.)

While on this subject, let me clarify two things based on posts by the Fraters and the Infinite Monkeys (who are in talks for accession to the NA.) We in fact are "we": Jack and Dave are here and post from time to time. It just so happens that I'm the one with bloggerrhea (and there's only one King, whom it is good to be.) Summer is a cherished time for professors, and those two, more senior and wiser, understood that it was a time to ramp down from other activities to research and relaxation.

The Monkeys wonder if Hewitt is a member of the NA as we have listed in the left index, and if we shamelessly pandered to Hewitt during the Fraters Fracas. The NA is Hewitt's invention -- if we ever pandered to anyone it was to PowerLine who pleaded our case to Hugh. We have even managed to ascend to the same ecosphere critter as the Fraters in no small part because of the generosity of PL and HH, and continued bon mots like these from Mitch. (Too kind, friend, too kind.) We'll dance with who brung us, thankee. Wonder if that translates to Latin?