Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Worth noting about Walsh 

Connecting to the story just below, here's the publisher's review on the dust jacket of the accuser's book, Exquisite Desire. (Dug out of the Google cache.)
Carey Walsh investigates the character of erotic in writings from ancient Israel, particularly the Song of Songs, and how the erotic is connected to the experience of the divine." "In the Song, the erotic is expressed in terms of desire. The wanting and yearning of the text's author, assumed to be a woman, is heightened by the periodic absence of her male lover. The Song is therefore not an allegory of God's love for Israel or Christ's love for the church, as it has often been understood, but essentially a book about how badly two people love and want each other." "The experience of sensuous desire, wanting, and yearning, Walsh points out, is not unrelated to our spiritual selves. For our spiritual quest is precisely the yearning for meaning, the hungry desire for it, and the painful coping with its periodic absence. We yearn for a relationship with the Divine, though often we experience its absence.