Friday, August 15, 2003

What to put in the shiny red wagon 

Infinite Money R.B. put in the comments box a link to his post replying to my kvetching about training teachers in technology while ignoring what they teach. Along with a plug for several books from ISI, which I'll second (indeed, I've lost a few hours this week listening to some lectures there, including this masterpiece by Alan Kors), R.B. says that the important subjects are Ancient Greek, Latin, mathematics ... and rhetoric.
Junior High students need to study traditional (and maybe formal) Logic (which technically could be studied in the original languages too). We at PCS place a high value on the study of formal Rhetoric for our high schoolers. We're nowhere near ready for it, but in theory, we could use the untranslated version of Aristotle's foundational Rhetorica.
Is this an unreasonable aspiration? If so, since when?