Monday, August 04, 2003

We've got goals, just no money 

SCSU readers of this blog might not know that the 2003-04 Work Plan is already up.
The annual work plan is a response to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Annual Work Plan Actions for 2003-2004. It incorporates the objectives outlined in the MnSCU strategic plan, Designing the Future, and MnSCU work plan as well as the goals identified in the St. Cloud State University Strategic Planning Committee.
Not much new here, though at least there's some things that actually look measurable.

One item of interest is that we now have an explanation for the quick departure of our interim Affirmative Action officer after less than eight months on the job.

3.A.1. Establish an Office of Campus & Community Equity to direct university-wide diversity efforts
Responsibility: President�s Office
Timeline: September 2003
So we're getting a new office. Where's the money for this to come from? Probably yet again my supplies budget, down another 20% from last year -- and no equipment money.

There's 116 goals listed. How many of these are funded goals? Well, at least we'll be able to add them up.