Friday, August 08, 2003

Transcript available in Cal Poly SLO case 

We reported on the Steve Hinkle case at Cal Poly SLO back in July and concluded my post with the statement, "Time to fact-check SLO's ass." Well, FIRE has done so. They now have a transcript of Hinkle's hearing before the disciplinary panel. In an accompanying article, Greg Lukianoff of FIRE states
There are at least three terrible wrongs here. First, Cal Poly tramples on the First Amendment rights of its own student. Then, they hold a kangaroo court and trample on his due process rights. Finally, they shamelessly evade and distort the facts of what actually occurred. Fortunately for the truth, and unfortunately for the Cal Poly administration, we now possess the tape recording of Hinkle�s sham trial. This scandalous and revealing case is fully documented.