Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Ooo! Ooo! Mr Kotterrrrrr! 

Where is Ron Palillo these days? When I was reading Erin's latest post on Activistology, I couldn't help myself. Ooo! Ooo! Prof. O'Connorrrrrrrrrr!!!!! We have exactly that program here at SCSU.
This interdisciplinary Masters Degree in Social Responsibility addresses a citizen's responsibility to others, to society, and to the environment. It provides a solid academic foundation of the theory and practice of social responsibility, historically and contemporarily, within western and nonwestern cultures. It offers practical skills for involved citizenship at the local, state, national, and global levels within a democratic and culturally diverse context.
"He's not a real doctor." "I have a masters degree ... in social RESPONSIBILITY!" These bright young lads and lasses can take whole courses in xenophobia (how does one do field work?), ageism, heterosexism (that's two classes right there, six credits out of no more than 36 needed for graduation), "Change Agent Skills", and "Practicum in Social Change". Bulletin descriptions here for the strong of stomach.

So what do these people do?

Jobs available to Social Responsibility graduates are countless. There are jobs available in : activism, animal rights, children & youth, community building & renewal, disability rights, economic development, environment, human rights and civil liberties, education, immigration, international issues, labor, LBGT issues, peace and conflict resolution, race and ethnicity, women's issues, and more. Many organizations are dedicated to more than one of these areas.
Oh. But can you name any actual jobs? There's one internship advertised in their last newsletter, with Eco-Animal Allies. I leave the rest of their newsletter to you.