Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Admissions counselor employment act. 

This is how University Attorney (noted by Financial Aid Office) described the race-based admissions process that will be employed on university campuses in the wake of the Michigan decisions. The University of Michigan must now hire more admissions workers because they will rely more on essays than they did before. In attempting to mimic the law school admissions process, which was ruled constitutional by Justice O'Connor and a bare majority, they may use the same essays. Law school applicants are
...invited to choose a maximum of two additional essay topics among six choices. The choices include: why they want to come to U-M, career plans, why their academic record does not necessarily reflect their ability to succeed in law school, overcoming obstacles in their life and experiences that have taught them about the value of diversity.
Michael at Highered Intelligence offers $100 to Michigan if the number of blacks and Latinos admitted changes by more than 10%.
Let me be the first to assure everyone that what this means, at least from the point of view of the admissions officers, is more opportunity for minority applicants to turn their "oppressed" status into a virtue, giving said admissions officers a nebulous "plus factor," enabling them to continue doing what they were doing before without being explicit about it.