Monday, July 28, 2003

Tour d'Alliance 

My, how many times did I use the word "note" in the previous post? I'll have to watch myself.

I'm a little busy because the sweetest nine-year-old in the world is having a birthday today. I suggest you tour the other Northern Alliance members (links to your left.) Mitch at Shot in the Dark is covering Gov. Pawlenty's telco problems. It is worth reading Mitch Pearlstein's sensible op-ed in yesterday's (Red)StarTribune. Note how Mitch is bio'd as head of a "conservative think tank", then go read the Fraters Libertas on other STrib persecutions of thoughtcrime. (We've had our issues with them, too.) Then off you go to PowerLine for the national and international stuff, and Hewitt for the doings in California. (As a former Angeleno, can I run the Anybody But Riordan campaign? Please?)

And if I have to tell you to read Lileks, get off our blog!

Last note: Yes, the page changed a little. I so badly wanted that Weather Pixie thing, and ended up farging up the whole template. I had to retreat to a previous version. I'll re-install some goodies as I go. Or maybe we'll finally go to MT. Good evening to you. Off for cake!