Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Stop calling me 

Do you ever get announcements that make you go "huh?" From our administration:
There have recently been some misunderstandings on the part of individuals from off campus who call SCSU offices on Fridays. When they receive the voice mail intercept it indicates there call will be returned but in many cases the fact that the University is closed on Friday and calls will not likely be returned until Monday is not clear.

Please verify that the message that callers receive on Fridays indicates that we are closed Fridays for the summer and, where appropriate, an alternate contact for an emergency.

Let me guess -- taxpayers are contacting SCSU and can't figure out why the university is closed on Fridays. Funny enough, neither MSU-Moorhead nor MSU-Mankato have this problem. So maybe they're leaving messages at the administrative affairs office and those folks don't like 'em? Tough.