Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Peace at no cost 

Read Mitch today on the Southern Minnesota Peacekeepers. We've had a similar group up here which we've discussed here and here. Mitch's money quote:
Remember the Twin Cities' "Honeywell Project", which staged vigils for years outside various Honeywell plants? Hundreds of symbolic, "plastic handcuff" arrests - no jail time. Such a sacrifice!

OK - so compare the examples above - and in Brown's article - with what you read on the "Peacemakers" website. Especially read this snide little photo essay, featuring group poobah Chuck Handlon.

What's it scream? "It's all about me! MY beliefs! MY moral certitude! MY views! MY right to protest the injustices I see (absent any consequences to ME, of course)!"

RTWT = Read The Whole Thing. I've decided to invent an abbreviation (I'm sure someone's done it before, but I doubt they read this site.)