Tuesday, July 22, 2003

On Dingell 

Both Erin O'Connor and Power Line have covered the nasty exchange between Michigan Democratic Representative John Dingell and UC Regent Ward Connerly over Connerly's offer to help with a civil rights initiative in Michigan as he did for California. Dingell's letter on official government stationery is offensive. All this because Connerly wants to stop government use of racial, sexual, religious and ethnic data in college admissions and governmental hirings. In his own words,
"The time has come for America to break free from its obsession with classifying and dividing her citizens by race. And the popular revolt will begin in Michigan, where a national effort must be mounted to prohibit (the University) and all other entities of government from discriminating against or granting preferential treatment to any American citizen because of race, ethnic background, sex or national origin."
What of this is, in Dingell's words, " �black vs. white� politics that were long ago discarded to the ash heap of history"? Why the anger of crowds when Connerly speaks? Where is the anger at Dingell, who brazenly posts his drop dead letter on his House website, without the decency to post Connerly's reply?