Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Husky sack attack 

Driving back to the office after a late lunch I heard Joe Soucheray (the famed "Garage Logic" show from KSTP) discuss this story of one of SCSU's football players getting in some preseason practice. A fellow decides to rob a jewelry store in town (not doing a very good job of this, if you read the story) and runs from the story.
Pedestrians who were strolling in Stillwater as part of Lumberjack Days responded to her shouts as if they were still living in Lumberjack Days on a rowdy frontier town.

Some helped Grundhauser hold the door to her own business closed as Ziemer tried to escape. When he fled through another exit, Good Samaritans chased him along Water Street toward the Lumber Baron's Hotel.

Somewhere in that frantic dash, police reports and witnesses say, the mask came off and the bag ripped open and fell from Ziemer's hands. That's when Ryan Walker, 19, of Stillwater caught sight of Ziemer.

"He had a good crowd running after him," said Walker, who was working security for Lumberjack Days. Someone yelled to stop him as Ziemer was crossing a chain-link fence. Walker, who plays defensive end/linebacker on the St. Cloud State University Husky football team, hit Ziemer from the side.

"I got to test my football skills," Walker said of the tackle. "He went down."

Walker said he held him down, with help from a Stillwater Police Explorer Scout and some local prison guards who were also working security. The guards told Walker they'd probably be seeing Ziemer at their day jobs, Walker added.

Walker is a first-year player for the team ranked 16th in the national Div. II polls, and I don't know yet how much playing time he's expected to get. But we salute Ryan Walker for the first sack of the season, and we hope he gets some more conventional ones this season.