Saturday, May 31, 2003

Well, I did play second base 

Flattery will get you everywhere, Scott. Powerline wonders why we, "the keystone of the Northern Alliance," are not in the lists of academic bloggers mentioned in this Chronicle of Higher Education article on academic bloggers. Well, it's hard to classify us, which may be part of our problem. One issue is always the fact that this is a group blog. If you look at Gallowglass' list of academic bloggers, you see Prof. Farrell has tried to break down the list by fields. He has to create "diverse humanities" to handle classifying Critical Mass written by a single English professor or BlogLeft by education professors, while he links Cold Spring Shops and AtlanticBlog as economists' blog even though Stephen and Bill write more about non-economic topics. I look at his list and wonder, where would you put a blog critical of the culture in higher education written by professors of economics, insurance and English?

Like I say, we're a diverse group.

I think it would behoove the Chronicle to follow up on the "professors who blog" story by looking at students who blog. There are many, and many of them share the mission of our blog. Thus many appear on the blogroll, and if you want a central clearing house you should see Josh Mercer's Campus Nonsense. Along with Critical Mass, these are excellent jumping-off points for seeing what's gone wrong in academia.