Thursday, May 15, 2003

Was Jesse at the confab? 

Add to that thought the May 14 blog entry of Mitch Berg (linkydinks busticated, so scroll, baby) about the Four Governors ("there's four of us, so we're better than those tenors! Four, do you hear us?!?")
This was the part of the "Four Governors" broadcast that started me thinking; this isn't about getting their views. It's about defending what I, a member of the loyal opposition, consider the most noxious part of Minnesota Politics: big, wasteful government is considered the norm, the status quo, the fount of all goodness by the part of the public class people like the Four Governors and the Strib editorial board represent, to the point that that philosophy of governance isn't just "the government" - it's the state itself. Dissent from that view is an attack not merely on the government, but on all that is good and holy about the state itself.

Your government is you. You are your government. What's good for your government is good for you.

More talk like that, and they won't let you ride the bus, Mitch.