Friday, May 02, 2003

Trudging off to be Sensitive 

The arrogance of the holier-than-almost-anybody crowd in the Administration and Faculty Union that King writes about below is astonishing, unless once has lived here long enough to become accustomed to this sort of stuff. Thomas Sowell's *Vision of the Anointed: Social Action as Self-Congratulation* remains a terribly important book in understanding modern campuses and those who control them.
But I'm not so angry at the political zealots who control our campus as I am at the body of largely-decent faculty who have let it happen, and continue to let it happen. Almost everyone here knows how genuinely awful our leadership is, and how unjust and destructive their current actions are, and yet ALMOST NOBODY DOES ANYTHING. Our faculty will trudge off to the insults inherent in their latest round of sensitivity training and say nothing. I'm not sure how much it would take before they would say anything. Actually, what I genuinely fear is that they would do nothing no matter how bad things were. We are frightened and without courage, and --worse-- have become inherently passive; this is a whole generation of faculty who do not act but are acted upon. The implications for our culture's ability to maintain personal freedom are awful.