Thursday, May 01, 2003

That beam in my eye, grade inflation, and faculty unions 

�Judge not, lest ye be judged.� - Matthew 7:1

Now in the midst of reading scores more term papers this week, I must do a better job of tolerating . . no, accepting . . . no, embracing . . . that�s the gerund I need to use . . . diverse writing styles, creative expressions of grammar, and malapropisms. No, wait, I shouldn�t call anything �mal,� for that would be normatively charged and blatantly judgmental.

Forget it, every student deserves an A. They�re all equally good, because they�re all so . . . diverse . . . and I certainly want to be known as someone who values diversity. Let me not find fault with the specks I see in others� �I�s� . . . or �me�s.� Goodness, if I did, maybe someone might allege a beam of discrimination in my own eye.

Now I get it! Out of fear of being judged intolerant and discriminatory, maybe I should join the safety of our egalitarian faculty union. There I could fight against the idea of merit pay. For who could possibly judge merit across our university�s diverse disciplines?

But wait just another minute. If I did join the union, would I not then be asked to judge as being judgmental those who would judge us? And wouldn�t that just make the beam in my own eye be perceived as being even more gross?

Now I�m confused. Please help me out with your comments.