Saturday, May 10, 2003

Somewhere in the not-too-distant future? 

The following resolution was adopted by the Faculty Senate on May 1, 2005:
That the SCSU-PRAVDA campus LIST-SERV be changed as of the first duty day of Fall term, 2005, to function on a moderated basis. All faculty would be required to submit potential postings to the FA-Dependent Review Committee on Campus Culture, which will vote on a consensus-minus-one-except-for-those-people-who-might-sue-us basis.


* The change to a moderated function will be considered experimental. Previous experimental decisions will continue.

* The SCSU-Pravda committee's preliminary findings suggest that this change is warranted. The committee will continue to meet during Fall term to continue seeking appropriate policies regarding SCSU-Pravda in response to Miss Median's fine sensibilities.

* The committee will seek to include further campus input, including most likely a paper survey during Fall 2005 in collaboration with Nichols and Associates from their new St. Cloud State offices, from faculty who are members of special interest groups.

* It is particularly important that new entering faculty not be automatically subscribed to SCSU-Pravda, so that the online discussion does not become one of their first indoctrinations experiences of campus life.

* Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf has agreed to manage and publicize such a transition, and foresees no difficulty with implementing this motion.

In a related development, a new splash screen appeared on every campus computer on May 1. Due to massive cuts in the equipment budget, over 400 computers could no longer boot Windows NW (Not Working). According to experts, this was the screen they saw.