Monday, May 05, 2003

Oppressors against Oppression 

People who haven�t been around a campus in the last few years won�t believe this one: A student just dropped by to ask if I would let her into one of my classes that�s already filled. She told me she had wanted to register earlier but her registration had been blocked because she hadn�t gone to one of the re-education sessions that are now required.
The irony is that one of the things she missed at the session was a performance by Jugglers Against Oppression. Because she didn�t watch them juggle and be non-oppressive, they stopped her from registering. Lord...
This is serious business: given our cuts in funding and swelling enrollment, classes are hard to get. The good and necessary classes fill quickly. Having to register very late may well cause her to miss courses she needs and have a crippled semester.

At least the university is making some crucial things clear. If students want to learn how not to oppress, all they have to do is watch what the university does and then do something else.