Friday, May 02, 2003

No mandatory diversity training for bigots 

Within the meet and confer notes between our faculty union and the administration comes this most galling entry regarding mandatory diversity training.
FA: In last Tuesday�s Senate, we approved a committee to design and implement diversity training for anti-Semitism and diversity issues as mandated by the Zmora settlement, and to work together with administration to follow the mandate of the court. We don�t have a name for this committee yet, but we have five members.

...We had passed a motion to form this committee previously, but we modified this motion and took out the idea that it was mandated because we have concerns about mandated training. Bigoted people who do mandated training can end up worse.

First off, where the hell does this person get off referring to bigoted people? Who are they? If you can identify them, then do something about them. If you cannot, then watch what you are saying about people.

Wonder for a moment: What kind of "mandated training" could make a bigot worse off? What do they assume about those of us who disagree to be sent into the PC gulag?

The arrogance of these people, to claim that people are bigoted without justification, without providing evidence, without identifying the bigots, is the kind of fumbuckery that goes on at this campus EVERY DAMNED DAY. Rather than confront the issue and verify that it is real, we have an administration that caves on this issue and puts in mandatory diversity training over the objections of even the plaintiffs and a group of faculty that has decided there's a bigot behind every closed office door that does not display Gore/Liebermann bumper stickers or a poster advertising itself as a GLBaconlettuceTomato safe space. (If that conjures up a vision of the second Passover for you, good.)

So they will turn it from a reasoned conversation with those of us unpersuaded into a pep rally. It will appear more a political party convention than a seminar (or a Wellstone funeral). A sermon, not a discussion. Why?

Because they are cowards. They cannot stand the possiblity that they will be found wrong, as they have over Iraq, over 9/11, over Marxism, over all that they believe. They are shell-shocked by the reaction to their ideology, that people outside academia have not only found them wrong but laughable.

They are on their heels; they wish to hide back in their cocoons. Much like the Lakers did to the Wolves last night, now is the time to press forward.