Monday, May 26, 2003

A meeting of the Northern Alliance 

We need to resolve this. Mitch is a little miffed over the failure of Hugh Hewitt (entry of 1/28) to recognize his membership in the "Northern Alliance" of blogs. Well, he missed us too. Though PowerLine was nice enough to consider us in their list, they now defer to Mr. Hewitt.

We are hereby asking Mr. Hewitt to remove this Metro Bias in his selections and place us within the Alliance as a far outpost. We're already snubbed insofar as we can't hear the radio station he uses in the Cities, so we can't join in the fun of hearing his bumper music virtuosity that drive Lileks nuts. We can have two sports talk stations up here -- they both suck, particularly after the Bear kicks out Fox Sports next month -- but my evenings get either the hyperventilating Savage or the somnambulent tones of Jim Bohannon. (If anybody from KNSI is reading this -- get those guys off your schedule right the hell now! We want Hewitt!) And while we understand we're a younger blog and a little more narrowly focused, Big Trunk will tell you we're at the epicenter of what's wrong on America's campuses. We'd like to apply for Ministry of Education.

the Fraters think Mitch should be Waiting for Lileks to king him, and until then there's nothing to be done, I say let's convene a loya jirga.

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