Thursday, May 01, 2003

Let a thousand liberal groups bloom, but weed the conservative garden 

I'm pleased to note this article mentioning us and FIRE. At least we're allowed more than one group on campus (we even have Campus Libertarians! and semi-nude philosophers!) Over on Instapundit I learned of the University of Miami not recognizing a conservative student group because it overlaps too much with College Republicans. Miami is run by President Donna Shalala (or as I usually say it, Sha-Laaaaaayyyy-laaaah!). When I tried to find a list of student organizations on Miami's website, it's curiously silent on the issue. You can look at our list of political and social concerns groups here. Yup, balanced, isn't it? And this doesn't count the everpresent "coalitions". Like this one.

UPDATE: FIRE has more details.