Friday, May 09, 2003

For SCSU employees only 

The Faculty Association announced that it will purge the email discussion list that has been the source of so much fun on this campus (at least for me.) They will go to an opt-in to join. Why purge?
The SCSU-Discuss committee's preliminary findings suggest that this change is warranted. The committee will continue to meet during Fall term to continue seeking appropriate policies regarding SCSU-Discuss in response to the EEOC stipulations.

What on earth did the EEOC say?
The University should establish policies and procedures regarding the appropriate use of the LIST-SERV system, including disciplinary standards and consequences.

This action does not do anything as best I can see, except to be one step down the road towards censorship. In the discussion before voting on this some faculty asked why those who didn't like the discuss list culture (which can be quite vigorous debate) didn't just get off the list. One replied, it was the first thing she saw when she came to campus, and it was "traumatizing".

Academics who cannot deal with vigorous debate on a private email discussion list. That's who's teaching your kids.

Well, let's help them out anyway. Here's how you get on and off the list. Please note this is for SCSU staff and faculty only. (Why? you ask. Me too.) Use it while you can, because some day soon this ivory tower is going to seal another door from the inside.