Sunday, May 04, 2003

Flattery will get you everywhere, Stephen 

Cold Spring Shops has links to three of our pieces this week. I'm grateful. To comment on one of his entries, transfer curriculum is a hot topic up here. MnSCU is a relatively recent creation (monstrous, in the eyes of some) that insists that all schools (state universities, technical schools and CCs) be treated equally. There's a 40 hour Minnesota Transfer Curriculum one can take to complete the general education requirement at any state university. In terms of transfers, that means we have to articulate their courses to be ours, even when the courses are required for our majors as prerequisites for upper-division courses. But worse, there are many instances where a course at the two-year school is transfered as an upper-division course. (For one example, here's a case where a course at a community college on the history of World War II transfers in as a 400-level course at our school. 400-level is supposed to be the level for college seniors.) With the university requiring 45 of 120 credits for graduation to be upper division, and with students transferring with their associates degrees and about 65-75 credits, the pressure for this grows.