Friday, May 09, 2003

End of academic year festivities 

I had the pleasure last night to attend the annual Minnesota Association of Scholars dinner at Macalester College. I was finally able to meet Scott Johnson, a.k.a. The Big Trunk from PowerLine, who asks for us to join the Northern Alliance. It would be an honor -- I keep hearing Wayne and Garth saying "we're not worthy! we're not worthy!" A presentation by Steve Balch of the National Association of Scholars was the keynote speaker -- a very rousing speech, I might add.

Meanwhile, we'd like to announce our winners of our inaugural SCSU Scholars student awards for 2002-2003. Please join us in congratulating Student Scholar of the Year Scott Bushee and Student Citizen of the year Justin Byma. You'll recall us mentioning some of the opinion page articles that Scott wrote for the University Chronicle, and Justin was the chair of College Republicans which guided the "fight" over the Israeli flag scandal (university report on which has still not been released.) Here's a picture of them with a group of the Scholars.

Congratulations Scott and Justin.