Monday, April 21, 2003

How many feet does this guy have to shoot? 

Yale's Jim Sleeper digs himself a bigger hole, trying to take on Hugh Hewitt in the letters section of the Weekly Standard online. (It's the first exchange.) Sleeper, whose antics we're reported about already, is trying to run away from his outrageous slam on coverage of a teach-in at Yale by two first-year students. Hewitt makes him stand still and thanks him for giving us another place to shine a flashlight on academia:
...the tenured and untenured left in the academy is profoundly unsettled by the arrival of "conservative network-warriors" on their campuses. The abuse of center-right students that has been a constant over the past 30 years can no longer occur in isolation, and alumni with checkbooks have begun to notice these antics.
MnSCU trustees, start frowning! See PowerLine for more coverage of another letter-writer who gets to taste Sleeper's "civility".